Lavender Makes Life Better

Due to COVID-19, loss of employees, late freeze damage, etc. we are not open for farm visits or tours this year.

Lavendoola lavender products are made from our finest, high quality lavender. We carry a full line of lavender products to fill your lavender needs. Our bath and body products includes: luxury lavender goat milk soap, soothing lavender bath salts and sugar scrubs, ultra moisturizing lavender lotions & lip balm, massage oils, and body butters. Our culinary lavender products include lavender honey, lavender syrup, lavender extract, culinary lavender, truffles, and jams. In our herbal solutions line you will find healing salves for aid with anything from colds and asthma to burns and rashes. From aromatherapy products to salves and sleep aids.

Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is an amazing plant. Called the Swiss army knife of herbs, it has many powerful benefits for everyday use as well as medicinally. Most people know that lavender helps you sleep, but did you also know that lavender is:

- an antibacterial,
- an anti-fungal,
- an anti-septic,
- anti-spasmodic,
- a disinfectant,
- powerful pain reliever,
- great for healing burns,

- powerful stress reliever,

- aids in cell repair and nerve damage,

- stimulates hair growth,

- soothes stomach cramps,

- useful in dealing with depression,

- boosts the digestive system,

- improves breathing problems,

- relieves head aches,

- great for relieving insomnia,

- reduces irritability,

- stabilizes mood swings,

- is an uplifting stimulant,

- aids in wound healing,

- reduces wrinkles and signs of aging,

- an aphrodisiac (for some), and more.

As you can see, the saying, 'when in doubt, use lavender' is very accurate. That's why our motto here at Lavendoola is Lavender Makes Life Better!

Lavender Honey

Lavendoola Lavender Farm is Utah's largest privately owned lavender farm. We are located in Wallsburg, Utah, near the beautiful Heber Valley, and close to Deer Creek Reservoir and Mt. Timpanogos. It is the ideal place to grow lavender. Our lavender fields began with only 975 plants and has continued to increase in size every year.