Beautiful & Fragrant - Dried Lavender Bouquets


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Our dried lavender Bridal bouquets are beautiful.  With deep purple color and lovely lavender fragrance, our English lavender will add the perfect accent to your lavender wedding.  Each bouquet has over 100 stems of lavender.  Choose between pure lavender, lavender & baby's breath or our lavender prairie bouquet with dried star flowers.

Used for centuries in weddings as a symbol of royalty, grace, and elegance, our lavender has bold color and is naturally fragrant.   Which ever you order, your wedding bouquets will be perfect.

Our Bridal lavender bouquets average 10"-14" long, with the base diameter of averaging 2.5".

Our Bridesmaids bouquets average 10" in length, with a base diameter of 1.5".

We also offer 'toss' bouquets.