Our lavender lotions are revolutionary.  Made from high quality, all-natural, skin loving oils such as coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, vitamin E and of course lavender.  And unlike other lotion which may have the same moisturizers, we do not add alcohols to our lavender lotion recipe. 

Many lotion makers add alcohols so that after the initial moisturizing feeling your skin will dry out, making you need to reapply more. Our lavender lotions are alcohol free.


Coconut oil - moisturizing, protecting, healing, SPF 10
Shea butter - moisturizing, smoothing, protecting, SPF 10
Almond oil -  moisturizing, softening, healing
Vit. E - nourishing, healing,
Lavender - nourishing, healing, relaxing

Lavendoola's lavender lotions will truly moisturize your skin, not dry them out.   Rich and creamy, our lotions absorb quickly, sealing in the moisture as it protects, nourishes and softens you skin.  As an added benefit, our lavender lotions will give you a small amount of sun protection naturally due to the qualities of the oils we use.  Choose between Lavender or Lavender & Lemongrass, or try both.  Makes a gift.

Lavender Sunscreen
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